Aisling Ace Of Spades - Litters


Litter 1

Ch Aisling Ace Of Spades           2014-03-24
Ch Cameron Rockferry            
    ED HD MH BPH Merits
Cameron Barolo D   B     EXC SEVCH
Cameron Chianti D         SEUCH
Cameron Montalcino D         CC/CAC
Cameron Piemonte D          
Cameron Valpolicella B   B     SEUCH

Litter 2

Ch Aisling Ace Of Spades           2014-09-10
Mother's Finest Attention Pebbles            
    ED HD MH BPH Merits
Melinazin Easy Elvis D          
Melinazin Elmo Of Equador D          
Melinazin Etic Escimo D          
Melinazin Evil Einstein D          
Melinazin Eagle Eye B          
Melinazin East Of Eden B          
Melinazin Egypt Edition B          
Melinazin Electra Effect B          
Melinazin Eternal Evita B          
Melinazin Exit To Esther B          

Litter 3

Ch Aisling Ace Of Spades           2014-11-02
Clubber's Jolene            
    ED HD MH BPH Merits
Clubber's Lancelot D          
Clubber's Legolas D          
Clubber's Leonardo D          
Clubber's Leopold D          
Clubber's Lorenzo D          
Clubber's Luke Macahan D          
Clubber's Lady Marmelade B          
Clubber's Lykke Li B          

Litter 4

Ch Aisling Ace Of Spades           2015-04-19
Ch Vassvikens The Lady Got Potential            
    ED HD MH BPH  
Vassvikens If You Leave Me Now
Vassvikens You're The Inspiration