About me


My name is Sandra and I have four dogs at home at the moment. Three wheaten terriers and one kerry blue terrier. When I'm writing this, Lexus is 11 years, Ziri 6 years, Emil 18 months and Rasmus 4 months. I had two litters with wheaten puppies 2011 and 2014, a total of 11 puppies, Ziri is from the first litter.

My passion is showing, I love it and I'm at shows as often as I can.

I have put my breeding on hold for now and don't know if or when I'm going back to it but for now I'm a regular dogowner who loves showing.





2006 - Agility Instruktör A1
2009 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Beteende
2009 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Hundmat
2009 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Genetik / Avel
2010 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Anatomi
2010 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Parning / Valpning
2010 - SKKs Uppfödarutbildning: Juridik 
2011- SKKs Ringsekreterarutbildning (Auktoriserad ringsekreterare)