From one show to another. Emil did good in Alfta today. BOB and shortlisted top 6 in the terriergroup under judge Hans Almgren, SE

Thank you Charlotta Mellin for this guy, he just gets better and better <3

Photos by Anne Hübinette, Patricia Eriksson & Lena Byberg

Groomed in #Botaniqasverige from #Gisslendogcare med Hans Almgren.

Rasmus did very well today in Alfta. 2nd best dog with his 2nd CC/CAC under judge Marie Gadolin, SE.

Thank you Heléne Hulthén for my rascal Rasmus <3

Photos by Maggan Engelbrecht.

Groomed in #Botaniqasverige from #Gisslendogcare med Ulla Hörberg, Nilla Lundwall och Bittan Sjökvist.


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