MyDog x2

I went by myself this time with all three dogs for the Show in Göteborg. Yennie was entered last time in puppyclass and Lexus would be with Natalie in the Juniorhandler ring. Ziri tagged along for moral support 🙂

At the hotel we met up with Malin and Natalie and their dogs. We had a nice evening and got ready for the show.

Yennie was the first to enter and she really behaved well in the ring and was BOB Puppy, she behaved even better in a super crowded Puppy BIS but didn’t place.

Aisling Behind These Hazel Eyes

Next one was Ace son Diezel (Cameron Barolo) very nice guy and won the juniorclass with EXC.


Cameron Barolo

Next in the family was Ace daughter Pollie (Cameron Valpollicella) she did super her first time in juniorclass, EXC1 ChampionQuality, 4th Best bitch with R-CC/CAC!

Cameron Valpollicella

Lexus and Natalie also did super, first day they won their group and then BIS2, the second day they were second in their group.

Natalie and MultiCh Seamrog No More Rock’n’Roll

Both days I helped Helene with her breedersgroup and both days we were BIS1!! Very happy 🙂


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