2014-05-30 Eskilstuna SWTK

This day gave us unexpected results and many happy memories


I entered Lexus for the last (not written in stone) time in champion class before he become a veteran. At first it was just because it was few entries and I wanted to support the club, then we got the entries and Lexus had a rehearsal instead 🙂 And he did really good, super happy as always to be in the ring he got 4th in a nice big Championclass with the words “Almost 8 years old, still a gigolo” ❤

Our unexpected result was with Prosit who we entered last minute 🙂 He did great in the ring and won the Championclass and in best male he WON! 🙂

Ziri was super happy to be at a show outside and so was I, she moved just like I know she can and was a dream to show. 2nd in a very nice Championclass and 3rd Best Bitch.

In Best Of Breed Eva-Lena and Prosit did a great job and became BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW!! He is the 3rd in this litter to achieve that, so proud of them! ❤


SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH VDH CH CA CH C.I.B VDH ES-10 VDH ES-11 Seamrog No More Rock’n’Roll “Lexus”
SE UCH NORD JW-11 Aisling Agent Zero “Prosit”
SE UCH NO UCH CA CH EE CH CZ CH C.I.B EE W-13 Aisling A Little Bit More “Ziri”



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