Sorry for the late updates!

The last show of the year and I had four dogs entered and got the privilige to show a junior male, Leo.

First out was Leo, he needs more training but charmed the judge and won his class with EXC, ChampionQuality and the title Swedish Junior Winner 2013

SE JW-13 Cameron Rockabilly ”Leo”

Then it was Lexus son in Openclass with his owner. EXC but no placement.

Rocky-Child’s Happy Zack ”Kaksi”

Then it was the brothers in Championclass, this time Prosit won over Ace. Prosit EXC3 ChampionQuality and Ace EXC4 ChampionQuality.

CH Aisling Agent Zero ”Prosit”
CH Aisling Ace Of Spades ”Ace”

In Best Male I took Leo and Sara helped me with Ace (She shows him really good) My own boys were unplaced but Leo got 3rd and his first CC/CAC! Congratulations to his owner 🙂

Then it was time for the girls.

First out in juniorclass was our Czech little girl Nessie. She behaved like she never done anything else, so good in the ring and showed herself to first place with EXC ChampionQuality and the title Swedish JuniorWinner 2013!

SE JW-13 Iness Wheaten Lulaby ”Nessie”

Then it was Lexus daughter with her owner, EXC but no placement. (She has grown up really nice)

Rocky-Child’s Happy Zizi ”Zizi”

Then my pride Ziri in a big championclass. She showed really good and placed 3rd with ChampionQuality after two older bitches.

CH Aisling A Little Bit More ”Ziri”

In best bitch Nessie was too young but Ziri got herself a 4th placement after 3 older multiwinner bitches so I’m very pleased with that result.

Then I got the privilige to show CH Cameron Delayed Devotion in Kennel Cameron’s breedersgroup and we went all the way to BEST IN SHOW 1 BreedersGroup!!

To sum it up, Great results with great friends!

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