2013-05-11 Lidköping NAT, Sweden

This will be the first blogpost of many to follow I hope 🙂

Lidköping NAT was the first outdoor show for the season, I thought, but it was indoors. It took away the joy before the show coz I wanted to show Ace outdoors, he isn’t that fond of shows so thought he would like it better outdoors. It went very well anyway 🙂

Iness Wheaten Lulaby “Nessie” VP1 BOB Puppy

Aisling Ace Of Spades “Ace” EXC2 CK BD4 R-CC/CAC

CH Aisling A Little Bit More EXC1 CK BB1 BOS

CACH SEUCH Aisling A Little Bit More

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