The year 2012

The year started with a terrible setback but ended with success.

In January Ziri hurt herself really bad and I didn’t think she’ll ever be ok again. I am truly greatful to all the vets and rehab staff who made her like new again.

The highlights of the year:
Kennel Aisling got their first Swedish CC/CAC, with Ace in May. After that he gained 4 R-CC/CAC in two countries.

Ziri gained her Canadian Championtitle with BOBs and Group placement, She also got BOS at the breedspecialty in Sweden and gained 3 CC/CAC in four shows in Sweden after our Canada trip.

Prosit gained a R-CC/CAC in Mars and BOB Junior and BIS3 Junior.

Rufuzz entered his 2nd and 3rd show ever, he was 2nd Best Dog at the breedspecialty 🙂

3 puppies did their Mentaltest.
4 puppies got hips and elbows xrayed.
2 puppies got patella checked.
2 puppies got their eyes checked.

Kennel Aisling dogs showed 2012
26 Shows in Sweden & Norway
23 EXC
17 ChampionQuality

13 Shows in Canada
12 Winners Bitch
7 Best Of Winners
5 Best Of Opposite
4 Best Of Breed
1 Championtitle

Aisling Ace Of Spades

7 Official shows, 1 BreedSpecialty in Sweden
7 x EXC
6 x Champion Quality
3 x Placements in Best Dog
4 x R-CC/CAC
1 x CC/CAC (Sweden)
1 x BOS Junior
1 x BOS Intermediate

1 Official Show in Norway
1 x EXC
1 x ChampionQuality
1 x R-CC/CAC

NORDJW-11 Aisling Agent Zero

8 Official Shows, 1 BreedSpecialty
7x EXC
4 x ChampionQuality
1 x Placement in Best Dog
1 x R-CC/CAC

Aisling All The Way

1 Official Show, 1 BreedSpecialty
1 x Best Dog 2 (BreedSpecialty)
1 x BOS Intermediate (BreedSpecialty)

Aisling A Little Bit More

7 Official Shows, 1 BreedSpecialty in Sweden
6 x EXC
5 x ChampionQuality
1 x R-CC/CAC
3 x CC/CAC
1 x BIS Junior (BreedSpecialty)
1 x BOS (BreedSpecialty)

1 Official Show in Norway
1 x EXC
1 x ChampionQuality

13 Official Shows in Canada
12 x Winners Bitch
7 x Best Of Winners
6 x BOS
4 x BOB
1 x BIG4
Canadian Champion

CACH Aisling A Taste Of Honey

Started training obedience

CH Seamrog No More Rock’N’Roll

2 x starts in Obedience

2 Official Shows in Sweden
2 x EXC
2 x ChampionQuality
1 x BOS

13 Official Shows in Canada
12 x Winners Dog
5 x Best Of Winners
4 x BOS
4 x BOB
Canadian Champion

CH Seamrog Ooh I Like It

Passed the gametracking test
VP1 Progenygroup/Broodbitch

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